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Cura’s first target was to identify a solution for iron deficiency anemia (IDA), the most common nutritional problem in the world, especially among women and children in developing countries. However, IDA is not only limited to women and children in third world countries. In the USA, 17% of pregnant women, 12% of young women and 40% of vegetarians have anemia. Also, 62% of people that have had bariatric surgery in the USA and Canada are iron deficiency. IDA has many consequences, such as poor pregnancy outcomes in women, impaired cognitive and physical development in children, and decreased performance and work productivity in adults. Food fortification and supplementation are the most common strategies for combating IDA, but most of the commonly used sources are either synthetic or cause gastrointestinal problems and oxidative stress. Ultimine™ and NeuTerre™ are not only unique and natural alternatives to synthetic and poorly bioavailable sources of iron but also of other essential minerals required for proper nutrition.

Within the natural market, fermented products have become a “hot” trend. In 2015, sales of fermented products reached USD 17 billion and are expected to be USD 21 billion by 2020. This market experienced a 68% growth in new product launches worldwide since 2012 (Source: Mintel). The most trendier fermented products were kombucha, kimchi and kefir. The main reason for this growth is the perception by consumers of traditional fermentation products as healthier solutions: products with simple ingredients, clean label, better digestibility (source: Innova Market Insights). Cura’s products fit well within new consumer trends towards fermented food, natural derived and minimally processed.