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Aspiron™ Natural Koji Selenium

Importance of Selenium in the human diet

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that has impact on human health due to its effects on seleno-containing proteins. Selenoproteins and selenium have roles in DNA repair, as antioxidants, on the endocrine and immune systems.

Supplementation with Selenium has been associated with:

  • Reduction of risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduction of incidence of some cancers; i.e. colon and prostate
  • Promotion of healthy immune function
  • Reduction of risk of cognitive decline

 Source: Terry, E.N. et al. Selenium 10th Edition Present Knowledge in Nutrition. 2012. Edited by John W. Erdman Jr., Ian A Macdonald, and Steven H. Zeisel.

National Institute of Health

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